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Donation to Southend cardiac care from take heart

£20K to Southend Cardiac Care From Take Heart

Take Heart Southend is elated to share with you that we have recently been putting some of the funds we have worked so hard to raise, to very good use. In total we have now donated £20k to Southend Cardiac Care from Take Heart. 

In addition to our many events, we have received funds and services from our special supporters, donations have been given to us in memory of loved ones, some in celebration such as special birthdays or anniversaries and we have been generously supported by local clubs and organisations too. 

Donation from Take Heart Southend

Take Heart Presents a Cheque to Southend Cardiac Care

We recently held a presentation evening at Southend Bowls Club where we were able to display many items of new equipment we have purchased for Southend’s many Cardiac departments including the Cardiac Rehab Team, Cardiac Day Stay and Medical Units.

On Display were an array of various items such as monitors, teaching aids, syringe drivers, exercise aids, wheelchairs, and mattresses, to name but a few. All of which have been purchased by Take Heart Southend. No matter how big or small, every item used in the cardiac care departments provide a vital role for cardiac patients from diagnosis, recovery and rehabilitation. 

Among the equipment and rehabilitation aids Take Heart have now purchased 9 new mattresses for the cardiac medical day stay centre (CMDS) which is undergoing an extensive refurbishment. When finished the unit, based at Southend University Hospital, will be doubled in size, providing many more patients with quality service, vital care and support.

All the items purchased and ordered by Take Heart have been gratefully received and such presentations have been made possible due to the dedication and generosity of our members and supporters who continue to amaze us by their kindness year after year. 

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